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Michigan Cavy Breeders Association -- MCBA Online

Welcome to the MCBA website.

The MCBA boasts dozens of cavy (a.k.a. guinea pig) breeders that specialize in just about all guinea pig breeds that are sanctioned in the United States -- Americans, Abbysinians, Teddies, Satin Americans, Satin Teddies, White Cresteds, Coronets, Peruvians, Silkies, Texels, Satin Peruvians, and Satin Silkies can be found representing the state of Michigan at cavy shows all over the state as well as nationally.  Even hairless breeds like Skinny pigs are able to call the state of Michigan home. Feel free to look at our guinea pig show schedule for upcoming cavy shows or for results from past shows.  Or you can learn how to access our any of our members websites to find specific breeds that you are interested in but you must be a MCBA member to join the yahoo group.  Thanks for visiting our site.  Enjoy.

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