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Constitution & By-Laws
Effective November 27th, 1999

Article I

Section 1.     Each annual meeting of this Association shall be held in a city to be designated by the Board
                of Directors.  The annual meeting shall be held at the annual fall Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
         determined at the previous quarterly meeting.  The officers and Board of Directors shall be elected at
              the annual meeting each year with the term of office being one year.  Each officer or Director may be
re-elected to more than one term in office.

Section 2.     All members present shall be considered a quorum for each annual, special, or regular
meeting of the Association.

Section 3.     At all annual or regular meetings of this Association the order of business shall be:

General Business Meeting

1st     Call Meeting to Order
2nd      Reading and approval of minutes of previous meeting
3rd     Reports of Officers
4th     Reports of Committees
5th     General Business
6th     Unfinished Business
7th     New Business
8th     Adjourn

Article II

Section 1.     Individual members, except youth members shall pay an annual membership fee of $8.00
(eight dollars).  Youth members eighteen years and under shall pay an annual fee of $5.00
(five dollars).  A family membership consisting of a husband, and/or wife, and youth from
this family shall be available for the annual fee of $10.00 (ten dollars).

Section2.     Failure to renew individual, youth, or family memberships within thirty (30) days following
the expiration date shall result in automatic termination of continued membership.  All
membership renewals shall be due by December 31st, of the current year.

Article III
Departments and Committees

Section 1.     The President, and the Board of Directors, shall appoint the standing Committee
Chairpersons and committee members.  The term of each committee Chairperson and
members shall be one year.

Section 2.     The committee's and Departments shall be as follows:

a.     By-laws Committee
b.     Show Committee
c.     Audit Committee
d.     Youth Department- adult advisor('s) and all youth members in good standing.
e.     Any other committee's or departments as deemed mecessary by the Board of Directors.

Article IV
Alterations and Amendments

Section 1.     Any alteration of, or amendment to, the by-laws to be offered at any annual or special
meeting of this Association shall be made by Resolution, in writhing, to the Board of Directors,
at least 45 days in advance of the annual, regular, or special meeting and shall be sent to the
members in good standing 30 days prior to this meeting in order that these members may
form an intelligent opinion on their merits.

The by-laws may then be amended by an affirmative two-thirds vote of all members present
casting votes at a regular, annual or special meeting.

This Consitiution and By-Laws was officially approved by the membership of the Michigan
Cavy Breeders Association on November 27th, 1999.

Signature:  Shery S. Garrett, Secretary         Date:  11/25/2000

By-Laws Amended on November 25th, 2000.
Article 1, Section 1 to read:
Regular meetings of this Association shall be held bi-monthly at a location to be determined at the previous
quarterly meeting.  (Changed from quarterly meetings to Bi-Monthly meetings.)