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Constitution & By-Laws
Effective November 27th, 1999


Article I

Section 1.     This Association shall be known as the Michigan Cavy Breeders Association.

Article II

Section 1.     To promote, encourge and develop the cavy industry to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Section 2.     To afford memberships to persons interested in breeding and marketing cavies and the
products thereof.

Section 3.     To promote and conduct exhibitions and shows in accordance with A.R.B.A. rules and

Article III

Section 1.     Any person may become a member of this Association upon payment of dues as provided in
the By-laws, and by agreeing to comply with all rules, regulations and mandates of this

Section 2.     All individual members shall have the right to vote in person at all annual, regular, and
special meetings.

Section 3.     The Board of Directors shall reserve the right to accept or reject, for just cause, any
application for membership or renewal.

Article IV

Section 1.     This Association shall have the authority to make laws, establish such rules and adopt such
regulations as may be necessary for the governing of its members.  These must not conflict
with A.R.B.A.'s Constitution, By-laws, Rules and Regulations,

Section 2.     To require members to obey all mandates pertaining to the A.R.B.A. Standard of Perfection
and ethics peculiar to the industry.

Section 3.     Robert's Rules of Order shall be considered as the final authority for this Association on all
questions not specifically covered by the Constitution and By-laws.

Article V

Section 1.     The President shall preside at all meetings of this Association, act as chairperson of the Board
of Directors, and shall have the power to call special meetings of this Association or of the
Board of Directors, and perform other duties as usually pertain to his/her office.  he/she
shall be an ex-official member of the Board of Directors and of all committees.

Section 2.     The duties of the Vice President shall be the same as those of the President, in the
event of the absence or disability of the President.

Section 3.     The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, shall receive and act upon all
applications for the membership; notify all members of all meetings wither by publication or
individualized notification; shall notify all members thirty days prior to expiration of their
membership; shall act promptly on all correspondence directed to his/her office; and shall
consult the Board of Directors on shuch matters of policy as he/she deems advisable.

Section 4.     The Tresaurer shall accept and keep a record of all monies.  The Treasurer and Audit
Committee shall prepare an annual Audit and report to be presented at the annual Meeting
to the membership.

Section 5.     The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers and 3 directors with the president being an
ex-official member of the Board of Directors; have charge of various business transactions,
authorize the wxpenditure of monies by and for the Association, pass on amy and all
legislative matters found desirable, and shall approve appointment of all committees.  The
Board of Directors may, between regular meetings, or at special meetings, hold hearings and
reach decisions with a majority vote required for passage.

Article VII

Section 1.     Any alteration of, or amendment to, the Constitution to be offered at any annual, regular or
special meeting of this Association shall be made by Resolution, in writing, to the board of
Directors, at least 45 days in advance of the annual, regualr or special meeting and shall be
sent to the members in good standing 30 days prior to this meeting in order that these
members may from an intelligent opinion on their merits.

The Constitution may then be amended by an affirmative tow-thirds vote of all members
present cating votes at a regular, annual or special meeting.